Dear Applicants!

We inform you that as of January 1, 2024, a new law (Law “XC” 2023) on general rules for the entry and residence of third-country nationals in Hungary came into force.

 Purposes of entry and stay in Hungary on the basis of the new law:

• residence permit for self-employed migrant (Appendix 9.2.)

• visa and residence permit for foreign investors (Appendix 9.3.) - application can be submitted from 07/01/2024

• residence permit for seasonal work (Appendix 9.4.)

• residence permit issued for employment for investment purposes (Appendix 9.5.)

• residence permit for employment (Appendix 9.6.)

• residence permit for labor migrants (Appendix 9.7.)

• Hungarian Map (Appendix 9.8.)

• EU Blue Card (Appendix 9.9.)

• residence permit in case of intra-corporate transfer (Appendix 9.10.)

• residence permit for the purpose of conducting scientific research (and permission for long-term stay and academic mobility for the purpose of conducting scientific research) (Appendix 9.11.)

• National card (Appendix 9.12.)

• residence permit for the purpose of obtaining education (and residence permit and academic mobility for students) (Appendix 9.13.)

• residence permit for the purpose of looking for work or starting a business (Appendix 9.14.)

• residence permit for the purpose of vocational training (Appendix 9.15.)

• residence permit for the purpose of practical training (internship) (Appendix 9.16.)

• permission to stay for official (work) purposes (Appendix 9.17.)

• White card (Appendix 9.18.)

• residence permit in connection with a business trip (Appendix 9.19.)

• permission to stay for the purpose of treatment (Appendix 9.20.)

• residence permit for the purpose of volunteer activities (Appendix 9.21.)

• residence permit issued in the national interest (Appendix 9.22.)

• residence permit for the purpose of family unification (Appendix 9.23.)


An application for D visa can only be made for the purposes listed. It is not possible to submit an application for other purposes.


Please note that certain types of residence permits (such as permits for foreign investors, permits for the purpose of seeking employment or starting a business) can only be applied for in Hungary.

Please note that you can only apply for a residence permit (D visa) on the basis of new application forms. Applications based on old application forms will not be accepted for consideration!

An application for a visa for foreign investors can be submitted at the Consulate from 07/01/2024. An application for a residence permit for foreign investors can be submitted in Hungary if you have a foreign investor visa.


Submitting applications for selected long-term “D” visas at the Visa Application Center (VFS Global)


At the visa center, applying for a long-term visa (residence permit) is possible for the following purposes:

• obtaining an education (students undergoing paid education),

• residence permit for a self-employed migrant,

• residence permit for employment.


Contacts and address of the VFS office (Bishkek, Kiev st. 62, Business center “Eurasia”, 4th floor​, email address: Applications at the Center are accepted daily, from Monday to Friday, from 9:00 to 14:00, except holidays and free days. Applicants are reminded that if a visa application is made at a VFS office, a service fee of €30 will be required except the visa fee. Additional services are provided at the VFS office for a fee. You can find out more about the services on the website


Basic information:

• Applications for D visas must be submitted in person by the applicant. Documents through a proxy are not accepted. All applicants over 6 years of age must be fingerprinted.

• The consular fee is 110 (one hundred and ten) euros for all applicants (payment must be made through a bank and is accepted only in EUROS!).

• An application for temporary residence is considered by the General Directorate for Migration of Hungary for up to 90 days (student visas up to 15 days), if necessary, this period can be extended to 60 calendar days.

• If the decision is positive, the Hungarian Embassy issues a “D” visa for a single entry with a stay of 30 days in Hungary. During this period, the applicant must obtain a residence permit card from the regional office of the General Directorate for Migration in Hungary.

• Please print the appropriate application form (in English or Hungarian), depending on the purpose of your stay, from the website of the General Directorate for Migration of Hungary (


 Main documents:


Application form for a Hungarian visa “D” (questionnaire) is filled out in block letters without spaces in English and signed personally by the applicant (in two places);

2 color passport photographs taken no more than 6 months ago (3.5 x 4.5 cm) on a white background;

Foreign passport, which must have at least 2 blank pages, the date of issue must not exceed 10 years and the validity of which expires no earlier than 3 months after the expiration of the requested period of stay;

• Copy of the applicant's passport (pages with personal data and Schengen visas);

Document confirming the purpose of the stay

• Documents confirming place of residence in Hungary;

• Documents confirming the availability of funds for the requested period of residence (for example: a current bank account statement showing the availability of funds and a bank account statement (from the one whose balance confirms the availability of funds); income statements (for example, scholarships); guarantee obligations);


confirmation of comprehensive medical insurance (medical insurance policy valid for the entire period of stay for a minimum of 30,000 EURO)

Documents confirming departure from the country upon expiration of the residence permit (booked air ticket, availability of funds),

• for children: consent of a parent or legal guardian, if the minor is traveling alone or accompanied by one of the parents (consent from the parent who is not traveling to Hungary), with notarization and with an English or Hungarian translation.

* Family reunification: Marriage and birth certificates confirming family connections must have an Apostille and the documents must be translated into Hungarian. The translation must be certified by the Hungarian OFFI translation office, or by the Hungarian consular services (a separate fee applies).

Additional information about the documents can be found on the website of General Directorate for Migration of Hungary inHungarian and English (

Please note that all documents must be submitted in Hungarian or English, or with a translation into Hungarian or English. When submitting an application, if possible, all available documents must be submitted to the Consulate in originals. It is necessary to make copies of all documents submitted in original.

Please note that if you wish to give your employer in Hungary a power of attorney to act on your behalf and in your interests at the General Directorate for Migration of Hungary in relation to your residence permit, you must personally sign the power of attorney in the presence of the Consul at the Embassy. In order to accept the power of attorney, the Consulate must certify the document. The certification fee is 30 EUR and is paid to Demir Bank by payment order issued by a Consulate employee.

For faster and more efficient certification, applicants with a power of attorney are requested to report to the Embassy at 2:30 pm on the same day after submitting the application to VFS to sign the power of attorney.


If the applicant wishes to travel to Hungary for the purpose of family reunification or for a purpose other than work or study, or to stay for a period exceeding 90 days, he can obtain preliminary advice on the application at